Information about TutorVision 3-D CD
Volume 1

Volume 1 contains the following:

Video Tutorials
6 different tutorials in AVI video clip format that you can easily view on your PC's monitor, with no need for a VCR or other video playback device. Each tutorial has an average length of 30 minutes for a total of more than 3 hours of Video Tutorials!    All Video Tutorials on Volume 1 are recorded using LightWave v5.0.

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TutorVision 3-D CD Volume 1

Text Tutorials
6 different tutorials and miscellaneous LightWave tips that you can read through the TutorVision3D interface or print out with your favorite word processor program. If you don't feel like reading the tutorial yourself, then the TutorVision3D narrator will read it for you!

Reviews & Interviews
A video Interview with Alan Chan, one of the Digital Domain animators that worked on Titanic!

Product Showcase
Check out some popular LightWave compatible products that are available on the market right now.    Complete with images, animations, and all available product info.

Animators Showcase
See numerous samples of work from other LightWave3D users around the world.    There are dozens of still-frames and a handful of AVI format animations.    All work includes information about the artists that created it and how to get in touch with them.

Objects & Images
A dozen high-quality Objects in LightWave format with rendered AVI previews of what they look like in action.    A dozen original Image maps in different file formats, ready to be used within LightWave3D.

Also included on this volume of TutorVision 3-D CD are all of the objects, images, and scene files for each of the Video and Text Tutorials!


System Compatibility

Here's what you'll need to run any volume of TutorVision 3-D CD
        • Fast Pentium-compatible processor
        • 16mb RAM (more is better)
        • Fast CD-Rom drive (4x minimum)
        • Windows95 or WindowsNT

  • Fast PowerPC processor
  • 16mb RAM (more is better!)
  • Fast CD-Rom drive (4x minimum)
  • System 6.0 or greater (System 7.5 recommended)

DEC Alpha

      • Fast 21164 processor is recommended
      • You will need to have the latest version of FX!32 installed.
      • 16mb RAM (more is better!)
      • Fast CD-Rom drive (4x minimum)
      • WindowsNT

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