* TutorVision 3-D CD - Volume 1*

TutorVision 3-D CD Volume 1
contains tutorials on the following topics:

Video Tutorials
    - How to make a logo appear out of a "volumetric-fog" effect.
    - Use morph objects to create a "worm-hole" effect.
    - How to create a text reveal effect using the Effectors plugin.
    - Using Lens Flares to create a realistic sun and eclipse effect.
    - Making a curtain "blow in the wind" with a displacement map.
    - The basics of blowing up a spaceship and how to create realistic explosions with still-frame image maps.

Text Tutorials
  • #1 - How to create a looping Fractal Noise image sequence.

  • #2 - Making laser beams that look great and are easy to control.

  • #3 - 6 tips for working with Modeler's Layers and how to clearly name your polygon surfaces.

  • #4 - A better way to create planetary rings with the Morph function.

  • #5 - Realistic lighting for your outdoor, day-time scenes.

  • #6 - An easy, but effective way to make rocket thruster exhaust for your space ship animations.



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