Procedural Textures - The Million Uses of Fractal Noise - added 8/25/2000
  • by Eki Halkka
    Not quite a "million" but is there anything that can't be done with Fractal Noise?

  • Compositing - Fake Camera Movement in Blue Screen Composites - added 6/24/2000
  • by Eki Halkka
    Some great tips for "faking" camera movements in composited blue screen footage.

  • HyperVoxel Explosions - An Exploding Wall of Fire - added 6/17/2000
  • by Morten Moen
    Easily create AWESOME explosions with HyperVoxels!

  • Character Animation - Walk-Cycles for Animals - added 6/12/2000
  • by Timothy James Lundberg
    An excellent and thorough tutorial on how to animate a 4-legged creature.

  • LazyPoints and Surfacing - The 5-Minute Ghost - added 12/11/99
  • by Patrik Beck
    A great little tutorial on creating a ghost and animating it.

  • Lighting & Surfacing Tips (Part 2) - The "On-Location" Setup - added 12/02/99
  • by Eki Halkka
    Improving the results from Part 1 with digitized footage and compositing tricks.

  • Lighting & Surfacing Tips (Part 1) - The "Studio" Setup - added 12/01/99
  • by Eki Halkka
    Some excellent techniques for fine-tuning your lighting setups in LightWave.

  • PuppetMaster Tutorial - Stringing Your Puppet - added 10/01/98
  • by Patrick Woods
    Some very useful tips for using PuppetMaster.



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