Information about TutorVision 3-D CD Volume 3

Here are some of the key features of this great new CD:
  • MORE THAN 6 and a half HOURS of video tutorials and video reviews on a single CD!!

  • Detailed coverage of important topics like Motion Control and Compositing with LightWave and Aura!

  • Also covers many popular LightWave plugins, like SkyTracer, Steamer, ParticleStorm, and HyperVoxels.

  • 20 different lessons, all created with LightWave 3D v5.6 and and Aura v1.0.

  • Advanced video playback controls give you the ability to jump to any point in a lesson or play back the video clip with variable speeds in forward or reverse!
  • Many other improvements and new features not found on any other TutorVision3-D volume!

Volume 3 contains the following:

Video Tutorials
Contains approximately 6 HOURS of Video Tutorials that play back on the same computer monitor that LightWave is running on!

Each tutorial comes with a "talking head" introduction and thorough explanations of what is being done in the tutorial!

All Video Tutorials are tightly edited with clear, easy-to-follow video and audio!

The BIG 800x600 video clips make it easy to see the recorded LightWave interface and the 5fps playback rate means that the video clips will play back smoothly on any system that meets the System Compatibility requirements listed below!

"Continuous-play" mode allows you to view each tutorial without lifting a finger!

Easy-to-use control panel allows you to pause, rewind, fast-forward, or jump to any point in each video clip just by clicking the mouse!

Here are the Video Tutorial topics covered on TutorVision 3-D Volume 3:
    Motion Control Techniques
    7 lessons that will teach you many concepts for controlling the movements of your objects. - 124 minutes long
    • 1. Basic motion path setup - Using the Align To Path function.
    • 2. Using Modeler to plot a spline curve - Turning that spline curve into a motion path.
    • 3. Making a chain of objects follow a smooth-velocity motion path.
    • 4. Using bones and morphing to make an object bend along a motion path.
    • 5. Using multiple null objects to fine tune the motion path of an object.
    • 6. Using null objects to create a "dolly" setup for the camera.
    • 7. Using an LScript to reverse or "ping-pong" an object's motion path.

    Multi-Pass Rendering & Compositing Techniques
    7 lessons that will teach you basic and intermediate concepts for rendering your LightWave scenes in separate layers and compositing them together. - 129 minutes long
    • 1. Basic details about the scene file being used for this tutorial.
    • 2. Rendering out individual layers - Using the "Unseen By Camera" option - Generating Alpha Channel data.
    • 3. Using LightWave objects to composite the rendered layers together.
    • 4. Using LightWave's Compositing panel to layer images together - Advantages and Disadvantages.
    • 5. Using Aura to composite the rendered layers together.
    • 6. Working with blue-screen footage in Aura - Chroma-keying out the background and generating a clean Alpha Channel for use within LightWave.
    • 7. Using the blue-screen footage and Alpha Channel data in a Lightwave scene.

    Tips & Tricks for Getting the Most Out of SkyTracer
    3 lessons that will help you use SkyTracer. - 49 minutes long
    • 1. Setting the lights and other scene elements for use with SkyTracer - Applying the SkyTracer plugin - Otherdetails about the various SkyTracer controls.
    • 2. Using the Render Warp Image function effectively.
    • 3. Various things you should know about SkyTracer - Render errors encountered when using a Pixel Filter plugin - Why Backdrop Fog won't work with skyTracer.

    Using ParticleStorm and Steamer to Create a Billowing Sun
    3 lessons that will show you how ParticleStorm and Steamer were used to create a very lively sun effect - 53 minutes long
    • 1. Setting up ParticleStorm and Steamer to render out image sequences.
    • 2. Layering together the ParticleStorm and Steamer image sequences to create a luminosity map sequence.
    • 3. Final details - Mapping the image sequences onto an object.

Includes MORE THAN 45 minutes of tutorials for using Aura and LightWave together for compositing and blue-screen work!

Text Tutorials
A half-dozen full length text tutorials that will pick up where the Video Tutorials left off and cover more advanced topics!

Each Text Tutorial has numerous images and screenshots to help further explain the tutorial topic and a specially designed browser makes it easy to scroll through the tutorial !

Here are the Text Tutorial topics covered on TutorVision 3-D Volume 3:
    Creating a Fiery Explosion with HyperVoxels 2.0 - by Morten Moen
    Morten shows how he used HyperVoxels 2.0 to create a fiery explosion effect.

    Creating a Radial Splash Effect with HyperVoxels - by Rui Feliciano
    In this tutorial, Rui will demonstrate how he created an animation where a bottle cap drops into a pool of water, causing a circular splash to radiate outwards from the impact point.

    Simulating Bullet Hits with Particle Storm - by Patrik Beck
    Use Particle Storm Lite with some surface textures to simulate realistic bullet hits against a wall.

    Colorizing Volumetric Lights with Steamer - by Patrik Beck
    Use Steamer with some "stained-glass windows" to create a colorized volumetric lighting effect.

    Using Gaffer and RealiTools with Digitized Footage - by Patrik Beck
    The benefits of using these two powerful plugins to make your compositing work much easier.

    Tips for Studio Setup Lighting - by Eki Halkka
    An in-depth stody of various lighting techniques to duplicate studio setups.

All Scene files and objects for all tutorials are included on the CD !

Product Reviews
6 Video and Text reviews of many new and popular LightWave products, including The 3-D Bug Collection, Relativity, ReelMotion, Creature Creator, Aura, and some new tutorial videos from Desktop Images!

Animators Showcase
Dozens of beautiful renderings from other LightWave users around the world!

Includes 6 months of entries from the LightWave Mailing List Contest!

All work is displayed with information about the artists that created it and how to get in touch with them!

All this can be found on
TutorVision 3-D CD Volume 3!!

System Compatibility
    Here's what you'll need to run any volume of TutorVision 3-D CD

    • Fast Pentium-compatible processor
    • 16mb RAM (more is better)
    • Fast CD-Rom drive (4x minimum)
    • Windows95 or WindowsNT

    • Fast PowerPC processor
    • 16mb RAM (more is better!)
    • Fast CD-Rom drive (4x minimum)
    • System 6.0 or greater (System 7.5 recommended)

TutorVision 3-D CD Volume 3 is available NOW for only $49.95!

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TutorVision 3-D CD Volume 3

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